Friday, January 31, 2014

Gnosior: Forever young (old song @ summer festival)

Again, it was the day of the summer festival Saweljagosi. This time we, the kids, all got excited for many days waiting for this, for the great fire. The moment finally came, the sun set, and the older boys and the men started to feed it.
Little flames, eager to grow. All men were working hard for many days now to bring the wood, as it had to last for most of the night. And in short time it grew high up, and seemed to reach for the sky. People were eating and drinking around on the big logs placed around. Us, kids were running between the five big fires in Gnosior. There were four fires on shore and one in the center.
It was well into the night when one by one we got tired, and most of the kids went to the fire near their home. I went to look for Dedha’ar and found him at the fire in the center. There were many kids there as well. We listened to songs and sang together.
What is life but a grain of sand,
a drop in the great sea.
And what are the earth and the oceans but
words in the sea of time.
And time, what is it? but this one thing
I keep loosing, forgetting about.
In a mind that knows all,
and nothing as well.
But I am here now.
Let us forget
the sorrow this night.
Lets drink and dance, lets sing,
let all bring joy, give wings
to the tired feet,
feed the keen desires.