Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gnosior: Yes, I know – I should’ve been a stop sign

April 2013
I’ve dreamt the same thing so many times before.

Do you remember that winter?

Cuddled by the house, we talked about nothing.
Listened to the songs of times forgotten.
Silly movies with no noise on the wasted seven channels.

Are you still afraid of dark?

My name, your name used so many times
showed no weary, still fresh and new every day.

Our coded words.

Moments, broken by deferred blinking,
postponed to the last moment
like a kids’ contest of staying under the water.

And then we changed,
in a moment that took years,
a moment we can’t take back.

And our moments today are so short and crowded
and leading to the next that leads to the next
and the day before, and the one yet to come
are just numbers, repeating, bored themselves,
thrown away in a bin theatre.

Yes, I know, no hardship is too great when not all meaning is lost.

My heart says “Fool .. !”, my mind is already afar, calling me over.